Policy Development

An Open Access and Research Data Management Policy Task and Finish Group was set up in March 2012 to develop an institutional policy on research data and Open Access issues.


The Group's remit was:

• To develop and oversee ratification of an institutional policy on RDM and OA.

• To act as a link between the Open Exeter project and Colleges/Departments.

• To advocate good practice in RDM and OA in Colleges/Departments.

• To recommend how institutional policy can be tailored for more specific disciplines/research groups and ensure that discipline-specific factors are brought to the table.

• To help set up College and Academic Services-level procedures that provide for the implementation of institutional policy.

• To analyse and update existing UoE policies to reflect best practice in RDM and OA.

• To ensure responsibilities for review and updating of policy are clear and extend beyond the life of the Task and Finish Group.

These were the Group's Terms of Reference.


The members of the Group were:

Cris Burgess - Ethics Officer, Psychology, CLES

Caroline Dominey - University Records Manager, Governance and Compliance, Exeter IT

Jill Evans - Open Access and Data Curation Manager and Open Exeter Project Manager, Academic Engagement

Hannah Haig - IP and Contracts Officer, Legal Services and RKT

Simon Honeyball - Senior Lecturer, Law, SSIS and Academic Staff Association Member

Jamie Horsley – Assistant College Manager for Research, CLES

Hannah Lloyd-Jones - Advocacy and Governance Officer, Open Exeter, Academic Engagement

Mairi Maclean – Director of Research, Management, The Business School

Noel Morgan - Director of Research, Institute of Biomedical & Clinical Sciences, PCMD

Anthony Musson – Director of Research, Law, SSIS

Christopher Smith – Director of Research, Engineering, CEMPS

Lee Snook - Head of Academic Engagement

Tom Tregenza - Director of Research, Biosciences, CLES

Catherine Turner – Director of Research, Drama, Humanities

Nela Vlaisavljevic-Kapelan - Research & Knowledge Transfer Manager, HASS Lead, RKT

Michael Wykes - Policy, Impact, and Performance Manager, RKT (Chair)