The Benefits of Following Good Practice in Research Data Management

There are many benefits for researchers of following best practice in research data management (RDM):

 - Compliance with funders' RDM policies

 - Research data is secure and safe with a reduced risk of data loss

 - Ability to share and re-use data for future research projects

 - Putting research data on Open Access gives your research greater visibility and increases number of citations

 - Greater chance of further collaboration with other researchers in your discipline or other disciplines

"Some people just keep their completed research data to themselves. I put it on Open Access for a couple of reasons. First of all, philosophically I believe that science is something open and results should be reproducible. Open Access helps both aims. I also believe that in the end you’ll get more citations for your work. In addition I have examples of people who could have simply lifted the data, gone away and done something with it and given me a citation for it; but actually they have come to me and said, “OK, I’ve got this data, which is yours, we’re interested in it, but we need your expertise to interpret it” and then I get a co-authorship out of it as well.”

Prof. Tim Naylor, Norman Lockyer Professor of Astrophysics and Head of Physics, University of Exeter