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Welcome to the University of Exeter and welcome to your library service.‌  There is a wealth of information here on the Library website which you can access online like most of our resources.

Why not start by watching our short induction video.

If you have more questions you can always get in touch by email:

The Library offers a range of services to help you find resources and to stay on top of your research whilst it's in progress.

These include help with finding resources for your literature review,  advice on using other libraries, details of current awareness services, help with managing your references and even a personalised deskside training service, tailored to your needs.

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We are here to support you in your studies. 

We have a large ELE module that will help you get started in your research and use of the library.   You can access this at -

We also have a group of liaison librarians who can help with more in depth enquiries.  E-mail: to get in touch with them.

We have  two Blogs within the Library that can keep you up to date with information about the library and its new resources: