About eCommerce

The University of Exeter (UoE) has a range of systems and options for the purchase of goods and services online.  These range from bespoke systems to allow students to pay their tuition and accommodation fees online, an Online Store, whereby staff can set up online payments for goods and services, including bookings for conferences and events online and a facility to enable credit and debit card payments to be integrated into existing Web pages

Our eCommerce solutions are provided by WPM Education.

Who uses the eCommerce Systems

The Online Payments systems can be used by and customer wishing to make payments online.  The customer base ranges from students and staff of the University to external customers booking places at events and conferences hosted here.

eCommerce System Features

The University has a range of online payment options available, but all share some common features:

  • Secure online payments.
  •   Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Integration of payments into Aptos, the University’s Finance System.
  • Tracking of payments and orders.
  • Automatic notification of payments.
  • Full administration of payments and orders, including refunds.

Further Information

A guide to buying products on the Online Store can be found here.