Remote Print

The University's Remote Print service enables you to send your documents to the student print queue from your own device, via email or web page upload.

Printing on Campus

The University of Exeter Student Print Service consists of around 200 high-spec devices located throughout the Streatham and St Luke’s Campuses.

If you’re studying at the Truro or Penryn Campuses and wish to top up your account for use here, please see printing on the Cornwall Campus

If you're printing at the Exeter campuses, you can top-up online at   

All devices offer printing, copy, and scan-to-email. And for the first time you can scan-to-OneDrive for Business too. Some of the devices can provide colour print/copy. A3 is also an option on many of them. Most can staple and hole punch.

To use the printers you will need to:

  • select the correct printer. Printing is ‘secure release, follow-you’
    • to use the new printers from a shared cluster use the ‘STUDENT_FOLLOWME’ option.
    • If using your own laptop, mobile or tablet download the 'MOBILE_FOLLOWME' drivers. Then select 'MOBILE_FOLLOWME'.
  • Swipe your ID Card or enter your username and password to access your print queue


The cost of print/copy/scan will be charged to your print account accordingly.

For high-volume printing or special orders for printing and finishing (for example: Dissertations, flyers, posters, etc) please see Print & Copy Services.


PLEASE NOTE: The Students' Guild Printshop based on the mezzanine level in the Forum is NOT part of the University's Managed Print Service.  Anything printed here must be paid for out of personal funds rather than print credit balances.