Software on the Academic Services Public Computers

Cornwall Campuses:

IT Support at our Cornwall Campus is managed by FXPlus.  Please contact them for further advice.


Exeter campuses:

Please note the University is currently rolling out Windows 10 across campus.  At present all computers in the following locations have been upgraded to Windows 10

Streatham Campus: 

  • Harrison Room 207/208 (94 workstations)
  • Forum Career Zone (14 workstations)
  • Main Library Assistive Tech Rooms (6 workstations), Level +1 (30 workstations), Level 0 (71 workstations), Level -1 (30 workstations) Level -1 Seminar Room (20 workstations)
  • Old Library Seminar -1 (21 Workstations). 

St Lukes Campus:

  • Baring Court 114 (100 workstations)
  • Haighton Library (42 workstations)

All other current open access PC's are running Windows 7.  A further review is currently planned for after the 2018/2019 academic year.


Standard Applications  
7-Zip Greenfoot PuTTY
Adobe Digital Editions Inkscape Python
Adobe Flash Player Inspiration R Statistics
Adobe Reader Maple Reaxys
Adobe Shockwave Matlab Sibelius Scorch
Audacity Microsoft Access Spomsim
BlueJ OO Programming Tutor Microsoft Excel SPSS
CELTX Microsoft Internet Explorer STATA 15
CodeBlocks Microsoft OneNote System Centre Endpoint Protection
DS09 SAO Image Microsoft PowerPoint TexMaker
Endnote Microsoft Publisher TextHelp! Read and Write
Envi Microsoft Visual Studio Thomson ONE Banker
FileZilla Microsoft Word VLC Media Player
Firefox MiKTex VUE
GIMP MindGenius

Windows Media Player

GNU Octave Notepad ++ Windows Movie Maker
GNUplot NVivo WinSCP
Google Chrome PDF Creator Witness
Google Earth Prezi Xming


Accessibility Software

Where Available

DBT Braille Translator Accessibility Room on level 0 of the Forum Library
Dragon Naturally Speaking All Accessibility rooms in the Forum library
JAWS All Accessibility rooms in the Forum library


Miscellaneous Software Where Available
AutoCAD Harrison
Emacs Editor Harrison
Ghostview Harrison
Mizar Harrison
NetBeans IDE Harrison
OpenBugs Harrison
Solidworks Harrison
XnView Harrison
QCIS KSPA Teaching Room


Queens Building Where Available
Creative Suite Premium 2.3 Room M Only
EuroTalk FLC
Media Assistant SOLO FLC
Oxygen XML Editor Room M Only
SDL Trados Studio Rooms M, FLC and B24


College of Humanities  Where Available

Streatham Court, Forum ExpoLab 1, Hatherley B12, Amory

Authentik Interactive

Foreign Language Centre


Foreign Language Centre

Ordnance Survey Grid Reference


Ruslan Russian

Foreign Language Centre

SDL Trados Studio

Foreign Language Centre

TLTP Applications



College of Life and Environmental Sciences Where Available
ArcGIS Streatham Court, Forum ExpoLab 1, Hatherley B12, Amory
Arc Hydro Streatham Court, Forum ExpoLab 1, Hatherley B12, Amory
Anaconda B12
Chemsketch CLES and Medical School
COPASI All clusters
DMDX CLES - Psychology
DOS Box CLES - Psychology
EdiRe Hatherley B12
E-Prime Suite CLES - Psychology
Erdas Imagine Streatham Court, Forum ExpoLab 1, Hatherley B12, Amory
EddyPro Hatherley B12
G*Power CLES - Psychology
LPJ-Guess CLES - Geography
Magicc CLES - Geography
Media Assistant SOLO CLES
Productivity Suite Streatham Court, Forum ExpoLab 1, Hatherley B12, Amory
Reaxys CLES
Regis All clusters
Weap All clusters
xLeaf CLES - Psychology


Medical School Where Available
Chemsketch CLES and Medical School
CMAP Tools  Medical School Clusters
Foundations Medical School Clusters
Heart Sounds Medical School Clusters
Image Scope St Lukes F17, F19, G22
Netter Presenter Medical School Clusters
PMS Emily Home-page Medical School Clusters
Pymol St Lukes, F17, F19, G22
Reference Manager Medical School Clusters
Shaderware Medical School Clusters
SmartSync  St Lukes F17
StatsDirect Medical School Clusters, BC114
STEPS - 18 Applications Medical School Clusters
Wincoot St Lukes F17, F19 and G22



Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7

Standard Applications - available in all ExeterIT clusters

 7-Zip      Internet Explorer 10      Read & Write 9     
 Adobe Digital Editions      Maple 18      RealPlayer Enterprise     
 Adobe Flash      MatLab      Reaxys     
 Adobe Reader      Microsoft Access 2013      Sibelius Scorch     
 Adobe Shockwave      Microsoft Excel 2013      Spomism     
 Audacity 2.0      Microsoft Internet Explorer      SPSS 22     
 BlueJ OO Programming Tutor      Microsoft Office 365 email link      SPSS Legacy Viewer     
 CELTX 2.97      Microsoft OneNote 2013      Symantec Endpoint Protection     
 CodeBlocks 13.12      Microsoft PowerPoint 2013      TexMaker     
 DOS Box      Microsoft Publisher 2013      TextHelp! Read and Write     
 DS09 SAO Image      Microsoft Visual Studio 2012      Thomson ONE Banker     
 Endnote X7      Microsoft Word 2013      VLC Media Player     
 FileOpen      MiKTex      VUE     
 FileZilla      MindGenius 5      Windows Media Player     
 Firefox      Notepad++      Windows Movie Maker     
 Firefox - Zotera Add-on      NVivo      WinSCP     
 GIMP      Open Office      Witness     
 GNU Octave      PDF Creator      Xming     
 Gnuplot      Prezi           
 Google Chrome      PuTTY           
 Google Earth      Python           
 Inkscape      Quicktime Player           
 Inspiration 9.9      R Statistics 3.1           

Accessibility Software

Application Where Available
 DBT Braille Translator  Accessibility Room on level 0 of the Forum Library  
 Dragon Naturally Speaking  All Accessibility rooms in the Forum library  
 JAWS  All Accessibility rooms in the Forum library  

Miscellaneous software

Application Where Available
 NetBeans IDE  Harrison 

Queens Building

Application Where Available
 Creative Suite Premium 2.3  Room M only 
 EuroTalk  FLC 
 Media Assistant SOLO  FLC 
 Oxygen XML Editor  Room M only 
 SDL Trados Studio  Rooms M, FLC and B24 

Cornwall House

Application Where Available
 Audiomulch  Music 
 Cubase  Music 
 Dreamweaver  Music 
 Photoshop  Music 
 QuarkXpress  Music 
 Reason  Music 
 Resolume  Music 
 Sibelius  Music 

Forum Multimedia Room

Application Where Available
 Adobe After Effects  Forum seminar corridor 
 Adobe Audition  Forum seminar corridor 
 Adobe Flash Professional  Forum seminar corridor 
 Adobe Illustrator  Forum seminar corridor 
 Adobe Photoshop  Forum seminar corridor 
 Adobe Premiere Pro  Forum seminar corridor 

Forum Multitouch Tables

Application Where Available
  Windows 8.1  Forum Exploration Lab 2 
 Airphoto  Forum Exploration Lab 2 
 ArcGIS  Forum Exploration Lab 2 
 ArcHydro  Forum Exploration Lab 2 
 AutoCAD  Forum Exploration Lab 2 
 Erdas  Forum Exploration Lab 2 

Local Applications - CHUM (Archaeology, English, Modern Languages, Drama)

Application Where Available
 ARC GIS  Streatham Court,Forum ExpoLab1, Hatherley B12, Amory 
 Authentik Interactive 6.2  Foreign Language Centre 
 EuroTalk  Foreign Language Centre 
 Ordnance Survey Grid Reference  Archaeology 
 Ruslan Russian 4.6  Foreign Language Centre 
 SDL Trados Studio  Foreign Language Centre 
 TLTP Applications  Archaeology 

Local Applications - CLES (Biosciences, Psychology, Geography)

Application Where Available
 ARC GIS  Streatham Court, Forum ExpoLab2, Hatherley B12, Amory 
 ARC HYDRO  Streatham Court, Hatherley B12, Amory 
 Chemsketch 12  CLES and Medical School 
 COPASI  All clusters 
 DMDX 11  CLES - Psychology 
 DOS Box 0.74  CLES - Psychology 
 E-prime suite 1.2  CLES - Psychology 
 Erdas Imagine  Streatham Court, Forum ExpoLab2, Hatherley B12, Amory 
 G*Power  CLES - Psychology 
 Idrisi Andes  Hatherley B12 
 LPJ-Guess  CLES - Geography 
 Magicc  CLES - Geography 
 Media Assistant SOLO  CLES 
 Productivity Suite 3.3  Streatham Court, Forum ExpoLab2, Hatherley B12, Amory 
 Reaxys  CLES 
 Regis  All centrally managed clusters 
 Weap  All centrally managed clusters 
 zLeaf  CLES - Psychology 

Local Applications - Medical School

Application Where Available
 Chemsketch 12  CLES and Medical School 
 CMap Tools 5.05  Medical School Clusters 
 Embryonic Disk 3.4  Medical School Clusters 
 Foundations  Medical School Clusters 
 Heart Sounds  Medical School Clusters 
 Image Scope  St Lukes F17, F19, G22 
 Netter Presenter  Medical School Clusters 
 PMS Emily Home-page  Medical School Clusters 
 Reference Manager 12  Medical School Clusters 
 SMART-SynchronEYES  Medical School Clusters 
 SmartSync 2011  St Lukes F17 
 STATA  St Lukes F19 
 StatsDirect  Medical School Clusters and BC114 
 STEPS - 18 applications  Medical School Clusters 

Local Applications - Business School

Application Where Available
 Analysis Tool Pak  Xfi(G25, Reuters) and Streatham Court 0.93 
 E-views  Streatham Court 0.93 and Forum ExpoLab1 
 Minitab 16  Streatham Court 0.93 
 Ox Console  Xfi, Streatham Court and Forum ExpoLab1 
 PCGive  All Xfi and Streatham Court 
 RATS 6.2  All Xfi and Streatham Court 
 SAS Base  Xfi, Streatham Court and Forum ExpoLab1 
 Simul8  All Xfi and Streatham Court 
 SimVenture 4.6  All Xfi and Streatham Court 
 Solver  Xfi(G25, Reuters) and Streatham Court 0.93 
 Stata  Xfi PG Lab (G25) and Streatham Court 0.93 
 Thomson Analytics (Excel add-in)  Reuters Room (Xfi) 
 Time Series Modelling  Xfi, Streatham Court and Forum ExpoLab1