Forum Netbook Key

Forum netbook keys


We have several Netbooks (slimline laptop computers) available to borrow via the Forum and St Luke's Library.

Netbooks can be used anywhere with a connection to the campus wifi but they will not work off-site or via a cable connection.

You can log-in to the device with your university username and password and to access the following:

  • your U: drive file space
  • internet
  • email
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Reader
  • Student Print service


If you have sufficient credit on your account you can send your documents from the netbook to either the Xerox_Student_Monochrome (for black and white) or the Xerox_Student_Colour (for colour printing) queue then swipe in at the relevant printer to release the documents for printing in the usual way. Find out more on the campus on the Student Print Service webpages.

How do I borrow one at the Forum Library?

These loan devices are available through the self-service locker keys system in the Library Lounge area of the Forum Library.

The green keys are for the netbooks, and there are 3 easy steps to borrowing one:

  1. Pick up a green key from the hanging display.
  2. Self-issue the key using the machine.

    Follow the instructions on screen. You will need your University card to borrow.  Locker keys issue for 2 days only and are not renewable.

  3. Take the key to the bank of lockers on the upper level of the Forum.

    Northside lockers (1-118) are located by the Guild Consultation Rooms. Southside lockers (119 236) are opposite Costa Coffee. Unlock the correct numbered door and the netbook is ready to go! Dont forget lock up the door again and take the key with you while you are using the netbook.

How do I borrow a Netbook at St Luke's Library?

These loan devices are available by borrowing a self-service key from the High Demand section of the St Luke's Library and then using it to take a device from the locker.

What do I do when I've finished?

When youve finished using the netbook you need to do the following:

  1. First return the device to its locker. Make sure you plug it in using the socket in the back of the locker space to ensure its fully charged for the next user.
  2. Ensure the locker is securely locked then return the key in the Library returns machine.

Things to remember

Further guidance on using the netbooks and troubleshooting basic problems can be found on a laminated instruction sheet contained within each locker of this type.

Battery life is approximately 4 hours. A warning will appear when the battery is at 20% capacity or lower, but its always a good idea to save your work regularly. If the device does switch off unexpectedly you will need to log back in within half an hour to recover any unsaved work from your last session.

Saving files - Files should not be saved to the desktop on these computers. Files can be saved to your U drive or to a USB device.

Netbooks will only work on campus; they switch off automatically if they lose connection to the campus wifi, so dont take them off site!

To ensure fair circulation of these popular devices please return after 2 days.