Exploration Lab 2 - Summer 2018 Refresh

Exploration Lab 2 has been the home to the University of Exeter’s unique Surface Tables for many years now. 

The Surface Tables have now reached the end of their life and are no longer supported by the manufacturer. So over the summer of 2018 the room will be upgraded with a new flexible layout which still optimises the space for collaborative working.

The new layout will be based on 8 tables to seat up to 8 people with each table having a wall-mounted interactive display screen, a separate presentation screen and whiteboards for collaborative working.

The standard layout for Exploration Lab 2 collaborative working Standard Layout of seating for collaborative working


We will also be introducing a large screen behind the lectern which can be used for presentations



New Large screen behind lectern for Expo 2














The furniture and design of the desks will also allow the room to be reconfigured if needed into several different layouts.

Different layouts possible with new Expo Lab 2 scheme

























These plans are being finalised now and the current timetable for work is:

During Easter Vacation: Surface Tables to be removed from the lab and the room to be reconfigured to provide temporary additional study space to support Students during the exam period.

Week Commencing July 2nd: Construction work to begin in Expo Lab 2 scheduled to last 9 weeks.  During this period, access to Expo Lab 2 will not be available.

Week Commencing Sept 3rd: Work completed and Expo Lab 2 is available to use.


For more information about this project, please contact Jake Fisher J.W.Fisher@exeter.ac.uk 

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