Computer rooms

You will need a valid UniCard to operate the door lock to some of the computer rooms listed below.

You can save your work on network filespace (U: drive), a writable CD or USB storage device; eg a memory stick.
Please do not save anything to the hard disk (C: drive) as it might be deleted without warning once you have logged off.

St Luke's Campus

Cluster PC locations: Baring Court 5 Haighton 6 Richards 9 South Cloisters 11

For a list of software installed on PCs in the computer rooms, check:

Software installed in open-access computer rooms .

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Location - St Luke's Campus Open times  Number
 of PCs
Baring Court 114 24/7 term-time and vacations 10099
St Lukes Haighton 24Hr room 24/7 term-time and vacations 2929
Giraffe House 24/7 term-time and vacations 3735
Library, St Lukes Monday-Friday: 8am to 8pm
Sat-Sun & Bank Holidays: 10am to 6pm
24th Dec - 2nd Jan: Closed
CLES RB 1st Floor 8am to 6pm term-time and vacations 3131
CLES RB Foyer 8am to 6pm term-time and vacations 77
South Cloisters, SC14 7am to 7pm term-time and vacations 20

Please note: Some of these rooms are sometimes used for teaching