Software Change Request


(Groups of open access computers are often referred to as "clusters".)

The annual software review takes place in May to inform changes applied to the open access computers during the summer vacation. During the spring term the cluster support team send a message to College managers, college technical managers and departmental contacts asking for responses to the annual software review. This allows the cluster support team to plan changes over the summer in preparation for the new  academic year. Major changes to the Academic Services computer clusters, for example upgrading to a new Operating System, are carried out at this time of year.

Requesting additional software

If you are a member of staff and need a piece of software added to an Academic Services cluster for either a one off training session or on a permanent basis you can submit a request by contacting us. Students who wish to request software changes that will assist in their course work or research should contact their tutor or lecturer in the first instance.  The appropriate member of staff can then request the software change on the student behalf.

In order to co-ordinate software changes effectively and efficiently please follow these guidelines when submitting a request. All requests for software must be submitted within the time frames stated on these pages and all of the software requirements must be met before the request can be processed. Assistance from the requester may be needed to test whether the software is operating correctly.  If the requested software is not fully compatible with the existing cluster configuration the person making the request will be contacted.

Software Requirements

Before a request for software can be processed the following requirements must be met.  It is the responsibility of the requester to ensure that these conditions are met for their individual requests.

  • The software must be fully licensed for the number of machines it is expected to be deployed to.  If a site license cannot be purchased then the usual practice is to limit the installation to a single location.
  • The software must be fully compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise operating system.
  • The software must be able to run with limited (user) rights to the operating system.

Prior to installation the development team will contact the person requesting software and ask for the following:

  • Installation instructions
  • A web address (URL) that provides details of the software
  • The software media
  • A copy of the software license if this has not been purchased through the software office

Time Scales

The time scales that are applied to the software installation request are dependant on the type of request (Permanent or Temporary).  The classification of each is as follows.

  • Permanent Software Request

    This is a request for additional software to be installed on Academic Services cluster computers indefinitely.

    The deadline for this type of request is set to enable software to be made available by the start of the following term  so that the configuration of the cluster computers stays constant during term time.

    The deadline for requests for software to be available at the start of the Autumn term is much longer, as this is when we do a major overhaul of all of our cluster machines.

    Term Request Deadline (2014/15) Start of New Term
    Autumn 13th June 2014 15th September 2014
    Spring 21st November 2014 5th January 2015
    Summer 13th March 2015 27th April 2015
  • Temporary Software Request

    You are requesting a that a piece of software is installed on machines in a specific room to facilitate a training course or demonstration.  Your request should be submitted no less than 4 working weeks before you require the software.

    Please provide details of the course start date and the number and locations of machines you need the software to be installed on.

Submitting a request

You can submit a request for a Temporary or Permanent software change by contacting us.

You must include the following pieces of information when submitting a request.

  • Permanent or Temporary request
  • The number of PCs you need the software installed on
  • Which cluster the software is to be installed on
  • Your full name and contact details

 If you are submitting a Temporary software request you need to provide additional details on the start and end time of your course as detailed above.

Please see the current open access software webpage to view a complete list of software including the current versions,
 installed in Academic Services computer rooms.