Useful IT Information and Links for Staff



Anti-Virus and SecurityCommon User QueriesEmail Setup
Anti-Virus Solutions    I can not login to My Exeter Access Email via O365
ScareWare Removal Guide Nortel Phone fault Forwarding email and setting Out of Office
Security Essentials Network Drive File Restore Mailing List managment
Security for Portable devices Outlook not updating Set up Email for Outlook, Mac, Thunderbird
   Sharing Outlook Folders Set up Email on your Mobile
University Laptop encryption Shared Drive Mapping Using Shared mailboxes
  Slow Network Speed How to tidy your mailbox
BitLocker User Guide Remote access to your Office PC Spam and Phishing
Encrypted USB User Guide University Proxy Settings Email FAQS 
  How to clear cache  
IT Account and ContactsOnline Resources Software Information
Change IT Account Details
ELE Aptos / EAS install instructions
Change Password Library Catalogue Common University applications
IT Account Information My Exeter Portal Frequently used software 
Joining or leaving? Room Bookings Office Work at Home rights
University Card Office Self Service Portal Office 2010 How To
  University Phone Directory Microsoft Lync
    Skype User Guide
TelephonyUniversity ComputersWireless and VPN 
Ordering Telephony equipment Adding a network printer Using the Campus Wireless
Pricing and Tariffs Laptop Advice  VPN Access
Using your Nortel Phone PC Disabled Warning VPN Setup Information
Voicemail User Guide Working with Offline Files Wireless Setup / Faults
  Staff Remote Software Installation