The IT Vision

The IT Vision identifies four, interconnected key transformational capabilities which will support the University in its strategic ambitions, evolve to anticipate technology change and ensure that staff and students have access to modern, sustainable technology and information.

Download The IT Vision - overviewthe full IT vision, or the see the IT Vision Infographic 2014 for an overview of the IT developments for 2013/14.




Ensuring that smartphones and mobile devices can access the University's network and data securely.

Increasing the number of laptops available for loan from the libraries to ensure students can access IT resources whenever and wherever they want.

Enhancing our mobile apps to bring more information straight to smartphones and mobile devices.

Improved 3G and Wifi connectivity across the campus so you can always access the systems and resources you need.

Making our websites work better on smartphones and mobile devices.

Improving the ways in which we run online exams.




Taking the lecture capture service to the next level with more locations and introducing personal capture for lecturers so seminars can be recorded and revisited at any time.

Supporting the increased demand for video creation, editing and sharing, sharing and storage.




Putting everything in place behind the scenes to support access to cloud services.

Giving students and staff access to email and applications in the cloud, including online document collaboration and other features.




Developing systems to support engagement with our enquirers, applicants, stakeholders and partners.

Enhancing feedback tools to ensure we really understand student opinion and requirements.

Extending the Remote Frequency ID system in the Library to improve access to learning resources.

Making sure our IT systems talk to each other.



Enhancing current systems and services

Finishing the £6m network upgrade to the Streatham and St Luke's campuses, more resilient faster networks being installed.

Developing the Online Coursework Management system so more assignments can be submitted and marked online for faster turnaround and feedback.

Improving business systems to ensure they better support staff and students.



Supporting activities

Looking forward to plan what we will be doing to improve, develop and integrate our key business systems and when key changes will be delivered.

Improving the way the University manages and uses data so this becomes genuine business intelligence which can inform planning and decision making.

Supporting a review of options to ensure we have the best finance system for the University.

Improvements to IT security, from behind the scenes changes to helpful advice and services e.g. laptop encryption for staff laptops.

Offering help and advice on a range of devices for users.

Developing plans for transforming the University's High Performance Computing Capability.



Resilience – the need to develop future proofed and secure infrastructure

Core data centre enhancements to improve speed and resilience and meet increased demand for research computing.

Improved network links to St Luke's campus.

Investment in the underpinning IT infrastructure including new servers and storage.

Modernising Library systems to support study and research.