Business Partners

Exeter IT Business partners work with customers across the university to promote the value of IT services, investments and capabilities. IT business partners will advocate on behalf of the Colleges and Professional Services, understanding and challenging their strategies and plans, and ensuring IT services meet their needs. The IT business partners will take responsibility for navigating the University IT landscape on your behalf, ensuring clear communication and connection between the IT team and the their customer.

Exeter IT Business Partners believe in the strategic vision of the university and work to help make the exceptional happen every day.

Our Business Partners are:

This is achieved by IT business partners operating under four core principles:

Demand shaping stimulates, surfaces, and shapes business demand for IT services, capabilities, and products by ensuring that business strategy fully leverages Exeter IT capabilities, while Exeter IT capabilities enable business strategy. Most importantly, demand shaping focuses on optimizing business value, meaning that low-value demand is suppressed while higher-value demand is stimulated

Exploring identifies and rationalizes demand. Business partners sense business and technology trends to facilitate discovery and demand identification. Exploring is an iterative and ongoing process that facilitates the review of new business, industry, and technology insights with potential to create value for the business environment. Identifying business value initiatives that will become part of Exeter IT’s portfolio of services, capabilities, and products.

Servicing coordinates resources, manages expectations, and integrates activities in accordance with the partnership between Colleges, Professional service and Exeter IT. It ensures that engagement between all parties translates demand into effective supply requirements. Servicing facilitates business strategy, IT capability roadmap, and portfolio and program management.

Value realization ensures the success of business change initiatives that result from exploring and servicing engagements. Value realization includes activities needed to track and review performance, identify ways of increasing value from strategic partnership between colleges, professional service and Exeter IT, and initiates feedback that triggers continuous improvement cycles. This process provides stakeholders with insights into the results of business change and initiatives.

IT Business Partner Portfolio