Microsoft Office

About the software

Microsoft Office is a suite of interrelated desktop applications. Most University staff PCs currently have Microsoft Office Professional 2007 installed. This suite includes:

  • Microsoft Word 2007
  • Microsoft Excel 2007
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
  • Microsoft Access 2007
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2007
  • Microsoft OneNote 2007
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007
  • Microsoft Publisher 2007
  • Microsoft Office Communicator 2007
  • Microsoft Groove 2007


User guides are available on the Microsoft website.


University-owned computers: Microsoft Office is covered by the University’s Microsoft Campus Agreement, which allows installation on any University-owned PC at no further charge per copy. Academic Services covers the cost of this licence centrally. To find out more, please contact the IT Help Desk in the first instance. A support call will be logged for you and your enquiry will be assigned to an appropriate advisor.

Computers owned by University staff: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 'Work at Home' is available to staff from the Exeter IT - Home Software Hub for £9.00. This version includes the following components:

  • Microsoft Word 2010
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Microsoft Access 2010
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010
  • Microsoft OneNote 2010
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010
  • Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010
  • Microsoft Office Web Apps
  • Microsoft Lync 2010


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