Equipment disposal

All staff disposing of PC equipment must ensure safe and secure disposal which conforms to the requirements of the WEEE Directive to prevent the University being exposed to legal action. If you are not sure that your disposal plans meet these requirements then you must use the University’s PC equipment disposal service, below.

Tremough campus in Cornwall:
Please refer to FXPlus.

Exeter campuses:
IT equipment may be collected and disposed of to a local accredited IT Disposal company via the University PC Equipment Disposal Service. The sequence is as follows:-

  • The user requests disposal by Campus Services using the Equipment Disposal form 
  • Campus Services logs the request and notes details of the disposal
  • Campus Services contacts Exeter IT with details of equipment for disposal
  • Exeter IT ensures that the details are removed from electronic inventories
  • Exeter IT authorises the disposal

Staff working at home

If a member of staff has been provided with a University-owned PC (laptop or desktop) for use when working at home, this PC is still subject to the Disposal Options section above. When the PC reaches the end of its useful life, or if the member of staff leaves the University, it is the responsibility of the user’s School or Service to recover the PC for secure disposal.