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Access your O365 Contacts at http://email365.exeter.ac.uk

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O365 Contacts ListYou can create a Contact List (in O365) or Contact Group (in the Outlook client) so that you can send a single email to several contacts easily without having to type or find all their contact details.

Please note: Groups in O365 are not the same as Contact Groups in the email Outlook client. These are now called Contact Lists in O365. 

Please see the full guide with screenshots at How to create a Contact List or Contact Group

Outlook Calendar - how to refresh the Global Address ListIf you have problems with finding a contact to email or Calendar sharing requests, it may be that you need to refresh your Outlook client's Global Address List (GAL).

To do this, in your Outlook Calendar:

1. Click on the SEND / RECEIVE tab

2. Click on Send/Receive Groups

3. Click on Download Address Book

4. You will then be asked to choose which address list to download, click on Offline Global Address List and click OK

5. This will then download and refresh the University contacts that you can send emails to or share your Calendar with.