Clutter - for IT Email page

Clutter is now turned "Off" by default in Office365 at the University of Exeter.  You can turn it back on for your email if you prefer to use it - see the instructions in the guide below.

Clutter is a feature in Office365 email which separates out messages from your Inbox that may not be a priority. It learns from your reading habits and moves what it considers to be less important messages to the Clutter folder in your Inbox so that you can read them later.

Clutter is not a spam folder, so you do need to review its contents regularly to make sure you don't miss what may be important emails. 


If there are any messages in Clutter that you want to keep, simply move them back to your Inbox and Clutter learns not to filter them out in future.

A weekly summary email is sent to you giving details of items that have been moved to Clutter each week.

For more details see the full guide with screenshots at How to use Clutter