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Access your O365 Calendar at http://email365.exeter.ac.uk

What would you like to do with your Calendar? 

MeetingYou can send a meeting request (for example, to a staff colleague, or if you are a student, to your lecturer or tutor) from O365 web mail or Outlook.

Please see the full guide with screenshots at How to send meeting invitations

SharingYou can share your Calendar with someone else, and/or request that they share their Calendar with you.

For details on how to set this up in Outlook or O365 web mail, please see the full guide with screenshots at 
How to share Calendars

If you are a Student, you can already see your Teaching timetable in iExeter 

If you are a member of Staff or an Associate, you can export your Teaching Timetable from ELE or My Exeter to your Outlook or O365 Calendar.

Online Meeting icons for O365 and Outlook Calendar meeting requests

An Online Meeting or a Skype for Business Meeting is a useful facility when you want to have a video conference with people outside of the university, who may not all use the Skype for Business client or have their own video conferencing system.

If all the people you want to join your video conference work at the University of Exeter then it is better to use the Skype for Business client, or set up a video conference using the university's Learning Spaces facilities.

You set up an Online or Skype Meeting in the same way as sending a meeting request, but with the addition of clicking the "Online Meeting" button in O365 web mail, or the "Skype Meeting" button in Outlook, before sending the meeting request.

This will add an online link within the meeting request. At the time of the meeting, all attendees then need to click on this link to join the online meeting. if they have the Skype for Business client installed then that will open; if they don't then a web browser window will open for them to see and hear the meeting.

All attendees will of course need a webcam, microphone and speakers, or a headset for full participation. They can however just dial in on a phone for audio participation.

For a video on how to set up an Online Meeting please see Online meetings

If you need any further help, or if you dont have the Skype Meeting Add-in installed, please contact SID 

Outlook Calendar - how to refresh the Global Address ListIf you have problems with finding a contact to email or Calendar sharing requests, it may be that you need to refresh your Outlook client's Global Address List (GAL).

To do this, in your Outlook Calendar:

1. Click on the SEND / RECEIVE tab

2. Click on Send/Receive Groups

3. Click on Download Address Book

4. You will then be asked to choose which address list to download, click on Offline Global Address List and click OK

5. This will then download and refresh the University contacts that you can send emails to or share your Calendar with.

Even if a calendar has been shared with you and you could see meeting details prior to migration, you will only be able to see free/busy information for those who are not yet on Office 365 Email & Calendar.

O365 Calendar sharing

In the sample Calendar shown, you can see the subjects of meetings in the calendars of people who have shared these details with you and are already on Office 365 Email & Calendar.

For those not yet on Office 365 Email & Calendar, you will only see free/busy information for their appointments (blue blocks for busy, white for free) regardless of the level of detail they have shared with you.

Once they are migrated too, you will see the meeting details as before.