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Access your University of Exeter email via Office365

How to access your University of Exeter Email

You can access your University email from anywhere in the world at  

Remember! You always need to log in to Office365 for Email, Skype for Business etc using your full university email address as your username, and your password is case-sensitive.

Using email

For more information on Email functions, including how to set up your Uni email on your mobile devices, please see the links in the menu on the left here.

You will find your email is quicker to use if now and then you take a little time to clean up your mailbox. Have a look at the guide at How to tidy your Mailbox.

If you need further help with any of the features of O365 email please first check the Email FAQS before you contact SID


You can also access your email via iExeter.

Staff and Associates

It is recommended you use the Outlook client for greater functionality. 

This makes Calendar sharing, automated Forwarding, and accessing Shared Mailboxes much easier.   If you don't have Outlook installed on your Staff PC or laptop please contact SID

Office365 email can also be configured for Mac, Thunderbird, Linux etc. See the set up details for different clients at Setup Guides for using O365 in Outlook, Mac, and Thunderbird 


IT regulations

You must always abide by the University's IT regulations and Records Management policies when using email.  

Please also see our Email Top Tips