Leaving the University

When you leave the University permanently you will no longer be entitled to use the University IT resources, unless you apply to become a registered Associate using the "IT Access" links within the Associate Management System.

Before you leave, please check your Library record online for ITEMS CHECKED OUT and return everything listed. Contact library@exeter.ac.uk if you need help.


If you are a graduating student who is not returning for further study, then your IT account will continue for a year after graduation but certain services may no longer be available; for example borrowing books from the Library and Electronic Library Access.

For this period following your graduation we may use your University email address to contact you regarding such things as events and activities at Exeter, opportunities for reunions and student surveys.

Please note we do not provide alumni email accounts.

Staff and Associates

Your IT access will be disabled from the day after your End Date.

There may be occasions where one fixed term contract finishes and a new one starts the next working day. In this case your IT account will continue to operate normally though there may be different levels of access associated with the new role.

Any gap between contracts will result in IT access being disabled for that period but will be reactivated with the same account details and email history when you start your new role.

Retiring staff

If you are retiring, you can request to retain your existing University IT account via the online Associate Management System (Please note that this should be done before you leave).

Once logged in you should click "IT Access" "Request New IT Access", and then choose "Staff Retired".  Your request will then need to be approved by your College or Service management.

For full details on how to do this please see How to request an Associate IT account