Education and Quality Enhancement

Divisions in Academic Services

Education Quality and Enhancement

Education Quality and Enhancement is made up of the following sub-divisions:

Academic Development offers professional and research informed advice and guidance to academic staff on aspects of learning, teaching and assessment in Higher Education. This unit is responsible for professional development programmes including LTHE (Learning and Teaching in Higher Education).

Academic Policy & Standards brings together education policy development, quality assurance and faculty services to provide coordinated central support for students and staff; both to safeguard academic standards and to enhance the quality of learning opportunities.

e - Innovation is responsible for leading on the promotion of technology innovation and its associated governance. We work with colleagues from across the University to steer new technology through to improved services for students, staff and other customer groups.

E-Learning Development promotes and supports the use of technologies in learning, teaching and assessment. In particular the team promotes the use of ELE in programmes and modules.

The Project Development team coordinates a number of externally funded projects in Education Enhancement, focusing on innovation and change and improving the learning environment for students.

Student Academic Skills Development enhances student learning through workshops, lectures, individual appointments and innovative online materials.

Sean Mackney

Director of Student Education and Engagement within Academic Services

Strategic support for Student Education and Engagement is provided by Karyn Shields.
Tel: 5194

Phone: 5059

Corony Edwards

Assistant Director

Corony's PA is Karyn Shields 
Tel: 5194

Phone: 6661