Exploring ways of using digital technology in research

Making use of digital technologies


The Exeter Cascade Project has made an excellent start in enabling the explicit development of student and staff digital capabilities through a variety of activities led in the main by Postgraduate Research students. The project has built on the University of Exeter’s strengths in research led teaching and also in involving students as 'change agents' in the design and delivery of the curriculum. We already had some experience of engaging Postgraduate Research Students to cascade skills to Undergraduates and, following a careful audit of current practices, this approach has been applied specifically to digital literacy. A number of research-rich online and face to face activities have been developed and piloted in our five Colleges, with Postgraduate interns having the opportunity to develop their own skills as well as focusing on how to cascade these skills to others. These activities have led to greater interest in technology use across the institution and a centrally-driven action plan for digital literacy to involve both staff and students.

This website outlines the many resources that have been generated by the Exeter Cascade project and tells the stories of the interns who were involved in shaping and developing the outcomes.