Personal Tutoring

The following documents provide detailed comprehensive guidance on the roles, responsibilities and potential common difficulties that students experience whilst studying at university. There is one version for Exeter campuses and a second for Cornwall:

These two documents summarise the longer Tutoring Guides to provide you with a quick reference guide to the role and responsibilities of tutors and sources of support for students to access. Again one version is for Exeter Campuses and the second is for Cornwall Campuses:

Personal Tutoring at the University of Exeter

All taught students at the University of Exeter are assigned a Personal (or Academic) Tutor throughout their programme of study here. Personal (or Academic) Tutors provide invaluable support for students and serve as their first point of call for any queries about their programme of study.

The role of the Tutor is to encourage and help students to look after their own interests – whether related to academic studies or other aspects of life. Tutors provide guidance and advice, discuss academic progress, and help students to develop a range of academic and professional skills. They will also discuss sources of additional support with students, should they need this.

Students at the University of Exeter will meet with a Tutor in one-to-one and/or group tutorials. All academic staff share responsibility for our students’ progression, supporting learning and helping students to improve performance. Personal Tutors have a particular responsibility for monitoring progress across the programme and supporting students to achieve their best.

The Personal Tutor System (or Academic Tutor Framework currently running as a pilot in CSSIS, UEMS and across the Penryn Campus. Follow the link for more information) is an important aspect of academic life at Exeter. Students often cite the information, advice and guidance they have received from Tutors as one of the most valued features of support they receive. These pages are intended to act as a gateway to useful guidance, policies and resources relevant to Tutors and others providing support for students experience at Exeter.

It is important that all Tutors keep a contact record for each Tutee, to note the date and subject of all individual meetings and any agreed actions. This is to make sure that there is a tutor record of the support and guidance you have provided which is essential should any student procedures need to be enacted. The following template is recommended for use: