Chapter 4 - Peer Dialogue System

  1. Peer Dialogue System
    1. Process

      Peer dialogue among staff colleagues is a key dimension of academic and professional life at the University. Through engaging imaginatively in peer dialogue and review, staff can find the most creative and successful ways of teaching and assessing students, and of ensuring that students have the highest quality guidance and support. This applies through all levels of the curriculum, from foundation through undergraduate to postgraduate research programmes.

      The Peer Dialogue scheme is designed to enable all staff who teach, supervise and/or support students’ learning to gain feedback from one colleague, or from a group of colleagues where appropriate, as part of the process of reflecting on their own practices. Detailed guidance on the scheme, including templates for reports and action planning is hosted on the academic development website (

      Please note that these guidelines do not incorporate procedures for observations/reviews which are triggered by poor performance. In these circumstances separate procedures are required, which are best considered in a policy relating specifically to performance management (

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