Quality assurance and monitoring

The University has a responsibility to ensure that the quality and standards of its degrees are consistently maintained and adhere to the Codes of Practice set out by the Quality Assurance Agency.

The University's arrangements for programme design, approval, monitoring and review can be found in the accompanying pages and within the TQA manual.

Quality Review Framework

The Quality Review Framework is composed of three core elements:

  • Enhanced Annual Student Experience Review:  For implementation in the academic year 2016/17 this streamlines the previous College Academic Audit process and provides the opportunity for a strategic overview of the entirety of a College’s learning and teaching activity. It is the principal means by which the University assures itself of the efficacy and robustness of each College’s quality management procedures and of continued enhancement of the quality of the student experience. 
  • Annual Student Experience Review:  This draws together and streamlines existing monitoring activities (risk alerts, External Examiner Reports, Accelerate, Survey Action Planning and Annual College Compliance) that are extended throughout the year into one meeting that takes place in the Spring term (Summer for PGR).
  • Curriculum Enhancement:  This shifts the emphasis of existing programme approval and validation processes to more direct and early support for new programmes and innovations in learning, teaching and enhancement.

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